GIANO tables

A table with two souls, visually light but imposing in its structure, which surprises with the varying of its shape as the viewer’s perspective changes, in a masterly play of transparencies that enhances the essential lines of the design and the versatility of the material. The base, sculptural yet soft in shape, is formed by a material interlocking between a thin transparent sheet and a thick monolith that supports the round or oval wooden top, in chromatic continuity with the base.

GIANÒs duality emerges even more clearly and incisively in the material contrast that represents a figurative passage between the sky and the earth: from the purity of the extra-clear tempered glass to the tactile spatulated finish of the wood of the base and the top, handmade Volcanic earth-based cement coating in Lipari White, Vesuvio Brown or Etna Grey colors and protected by a surface finish with special resins that make it pleasing to the touch and wear resistant. Just like Janus, the mythological god who inspired it, this table represents a vision of both past and future, the meeting point between the purity of the lines and the formal synthesis of shapes with the experimentation with materials and finishes, two basic and recurring elements in Acerbis’s design thinking.

Technical info
Top and base in MDF with a spatulated finish made by craft techniques using a mixture of cement and volcanic earth-based protected with special resins, pleasing to the touch and wear resistant. Extra clear tempered glass, thickness 15 mm. Colors: Lipari White, Vesuvio Brown, Etna Grey
  • CRYSTAL PARTS: polish with a cloth dampened with one of the glass cleaners normally found on the market. Do not use alcohol or cleansers.
  • Do not use the product in an improper way. In particular, do not climb or sit on it or rest heavy objects on it or any item for which the product has not been specifically designed.
Technical specs
Disegni tecnici