N.C. Landscape
N.C. LANDSCAPE systems

Modular system consisting of panels, acting as "boiserie", in K-STONE®, an innovative material that brings out the wonderful veining of marble in all its nuances and layers and compares favourably with quarried marble. The thick wooden shelves are staggered and alternate with thin methacrylate shelves to create a strong and personal graphic effect whilst at the same enabling the continuity of the veining to be appreciated in its transparency. Suspended or ground compositions, as a bookcase or wall cladding, combined with suspended or ground storage units, N.C. Landscape offers a host of possible compositions and becomes a focal point of interior design.

Technical info
Panels in Statuario white K-STONE® or black Travertine, white matt Travertine or matt grey graphite with end profiles in aluminium painted tone on tone. Transparent methacrylate shelves or in wood, with matt or glossy lacquered or veneered finish. K-STONE® is a ceramic marble cut into large extremely thin slabs by state-of-the-art technology. The product consists of a mixture of carefully selected raw materials that are sintered at very high temperatures. The obtained slabs show off the splendid veining of marble in all its nuances and layering, which compares favourably with quarried marble. It withstands surface abrasion, is non-absorbent, cannot be attacked by detergents or acids and does not discolour.
Technical specs
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