The sideboard which expresses Acerbis technological research with its sinuous forms and dual door opening mechanism.

High sideboard whose body perfectly calibrated and rounded, enclosed with a strong gesture qualitative and formal by two sides "shell". It appears like a soft and pure monolith. . The doors overlap to allow for maximum usability, thanks to an exclusive opening with special swing arms with controlled return system. The interior is illuminated by a lighting system concealed in the side shells, with automatic switch driven by the movement of the door.
Technical info
High sideboard with one length cm 240. Outside glossy lacquered in 14 colours.Side shells made from molded polyurethane (BAYDUR┬«) lacquered with glossy finishes or clad with reflecting stainless steel. Inside matte white, with central block matte slate gray with stainless steel profiles, containing the opening mechanism and a space equipped with two small drawers. Internal lighting system with automatic switch driven by the movement of the door. On request the back of the cabinet can be perfectly finished as the front for a free standing use. Colors: Black, White, White SW, Ghiaia Grey, Pietra Grey, Fumo Grey, Lino, Sabbia, Warm Grey, Argilla, Red NY, Red Vico, Blue Iseo, Green Iseo.
  • STEEL PARTS: polish with a cloth dampened with water and immediately wipe with a dry cloth. Do not use brushes or sponges made of steel or scratchy materials.
  • VARNISHED PARTS: gently rub down with a damp cloth (water + neutral soap). Do not use alcohol or detergents.
  • Always use the handles to open the doors. Never open both doors at the same time.
  • Do not use incorrectly. Do not climb onto it, sit on it or place heavy or unsuitable loads on it for which the product is not intended. Never place weights on top of the door when open. Plasma/LCD TV sets should only be placed in the centre of the top, near the interior frame. Always cut the electricity supply before replacing the bulbs or accessing the inside of the sides.
Technical specs
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