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Acerbis @ Fabrica

Published on 05.09.2022

A hub of creativity, Fabrica is the renowned Treviso headquarters created by Benetton to foster new ideas in communication and visual language, which gathers world-renowned talents across artistic fields into its realm.

With its Renaissance architecture restored and expanded by Tadao Ando, the headquarters is also a paragon of a contemporary reinvention of Italian roots. In Fabrica, the features of the villa and the Venetian city are mixed with the mathematical perfection of the concrete partitions.

Set against Fabrica’s concrete panels, the imposing pure forms of Acerbis’ creation come to the fore harmonizing with the awe-inspiring essentialism of the surroundings. Natural elements, such as light and wind, are invited to enter the architecture to moderate the differences between ancient and modern and, at the same time, enhance the beauty of Acerbis’ collection.

The architecture of Fabrica, with its perfectly shaped reinforced concrete and its purist geometry, brings out all the highlights of the Acerbis’ products: the strength of materials such as marble and wood, the brilliance of the lacquers, as well as the versatility of the collections capable of fitting into the most varied contexts.


Location scouting: Francesca Semprini location.
Architecture photo: courtesy of Fabrica.
Photos: Alberto Strada.

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