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È Poliestere. Quality of Italy.

Published on 15.03.2023

The trademark that protected the authenticity of lacquering in the 1980s.
“All that shines is not polyester”.
Fireflies for lanterns, mirrors for larks and Chinese lacquers stop. Today, it is polyester, Quality of Italy, only if there is the mark and the certificate.

We are in the late 1980s and the leading magazines in the industry headline this slogan. It is the ‘È Poliestere’ brand, owned by CON.I.A.P, the Consorzio industrie Arredamenti in Poliestere srl.

Founded in 1985 by Lodovico Acerbis, the consortium counts among its members 7 other important names in Italian design – B&B Italia, Bellato, Boffi arredamento cucina, Saporiti Italia, Simon International, Sormani and Tre Più – and was officially presented at the 25th Salone del Mobile. Its aim is clear: the adoption and distribution of its own brand, as well as the supervision and protection of brilliant polyester lacquered furniture products.

Due to its high technical characteristics of gloss and resistance, polyester has rapidly established itself on the market, giving rise to interesting design creations. Faced with the growing popularity of glossy lacquer, there was thus a need to protect its quality and preserve it from imitations.


Since its origins, Acerbis has made lacquering one of its main strengths, conferring unprecedented levels of brilliance and durability to its products. A characteristic that persists to this day, where lacquering techniques have been adapted to today’s high production standards.

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