Thinking Factories. Stories of Compassi d’Oro - Acerbis

Thinking Factories. Stories of Compassi d’Oro from Bergamo to Brescia

Published on 27.03.2023

24th March – 4th June 2023
Palazzo della Ragione – Sala delle Capriate
Piazza Vecchia, 5 – Bergamo

A DimoreDesign project, developed by MULTI and Associazione Marketing +39.
Curator Davide Pagliarini.

Design is synonymous with forward-thinking ability, research, innovation and the industry of doing. Design is product, it is décor, it is production, it is city, but most of all design is history.

Existing for almost 70 years, the Compasso d’Oro is the world’s oldest and most authoritative design award, the brainchild of brilliant Gio Ponti came into being in 1954 with the aim of showcasing the value and quality of Italian design products.

From 24 March to 4 June 2023 at Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo, with the exhibition Thinking Factories, design will be on stage: 32 products made by companies in the Bergamo and Brescia areas, which have won the Compasso d’Oro award since 1954, demonstrating the calling for innovative manufacturing in these two cities.

A house painted in ruby red is the backdrop for the 32 products, a place where objects meet through the gaze of the public.

The representative of Acerbis is Sheraton, an undisputed icon of the collection and Compasso d’Oro in 1979, as well as the protagonist of several permanent installations and exhibitions in major design museums.
Born from the hand of Lodovico Acerbis and Giotto Stoppino in 1977, Shertaton is a sideboard with classic and timeless design, as relevant today as it was at the time of its creation. Sheraton‘s large doors can be opened wide thanks to the sliding-rotating opening system and are surmounted by a top that is wider than the base, which thus also gives it a function as a shelf.

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