Together with the low tables, Console is one of the two elements of the MOODBOARD program designed by Massimo Mariani for Acerbis, which creates a new visual and material code dedicated to the living room. A low sideboard that broadens the concept of design freedom for living room systems thanks to the different possible combinations between the tops and the cabinets: with a figural shift on the horizontal and vertical axis, the material becomes a microarchitecture of full and empty spaces. The tops in Swamp Oak or Swamp Ash wood, in white arabesque or grey graphite marble, and in white or dark grey cement with matte finishes are matched with drawer cabinets also in wood with a matte slate grey finish interior; a polished steel or brass tray, the thickness of which is designed to match perfectly with the different thicknesses of the table tops, can be added as a valet or utility tray.

Technical info
- Dark matte grey painted support structure and feet
- Wood tops, thickness 30 mm, Swamp Oak or Swamp Ash
- Marble tops, thickness 15 mm, white arabesque or grey graphite, matte finish
- Cement tops, thickness 15 mm, white or dark grey, matte finish
- Tray, thickness 15 mm, in polished steel or brass
- Cabinets and drawers in wood with matte slate grey finish interior

(*) Swamp oak and Swamp ash
Special veneer identified as a "fossil" since obtained from trunks found below ground, where they have been preserved under layers of clay for hundreds of years. The anaerobic environment inhibited the growth of microorganisms preventing the inexorable process of slow decay. On the contrary, over time the internal elements are transformed and others have been added: the mineral salts are combined with those present in the wood matrix, slowly transforming the organic state. This long natural process, which cannot be replicated, gives the wood a unique, precious appearance, with surprising colors and textures. The aging of the wood can also cause the formation of cracks and splits which are puttied and repaired but not eliminated during processing, because they are the signs of time that provide evidence of the great age and uniqueness of the material.
  • CHROME-PLATED PARTS: use any of the products currently available on the market for cleaning chrome-plating.
  • WOODEN PARTS: gently rub down with a damp cloth (water only). Do not use alcohol or detergents.
  • MARBLE PARTS: polish delicately with a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap. Do not use alcohol or detergents.
  • Do not use in an improper way. In particular, do not climb or sit on it or rest heavy objects on it or any item for which the product has not been specifically designed. Do not lift / move the unit from the top. Do not place weights on the wing open.
Technical specs
Disegni tecnici