GHOSTWRITER console, desks
  • Big See product design - Award 2018LjubljanaSlovenia
GHOSTWRITER plays at hiding in the living area, with its discreet and elegant monolithic volume made of polished lacquered wood; when open it loves to surprise you by revealing a multi-purpose space for the home office, enhanced by the warm tones of Eucalyptus wood in material contrast with the outside finish. With a single touch, the Dual-Flap® system opens the large front flap turning it into a handy writing table. At the same time one part of the top can be lifted for easy access to the inside section of the cabinet, which includes paper racks and a small drawer for pens. The set-up is completed by handy power outlets (two USB and two Shuko), which are hidden at the bottom of the inside compartment, plus a touch lighting strip which is perfectly integrated within the table top; when the cabinet is opened it adjusts to the correct lighting angle for the workstation.
Technical info
- Door and top glossy or matt lacquered.
- Sides and internal uprights matt lacquered in the colour of the door.
- Interior in Eucalyptus veneer.

Colors: Black, White, White SW, Ghiaia Grey, Pietra Grey, Fumo Grey, Lino, Sabbia, Warm Grey, Argilla, Red NY, Red Vico, Blue Iseo, Green Iseo.
  • PARTS WITH A SHINY LACQUER FINISH: gently rub down with a damp chamois leather or similar (water + a little neutral soap).
  • WOODEN PARTS: gently rub down with a damp cloth (water only). Do not use alcohol or detergents.
  • Only qualified professional electricians should service the electrical parts.
  • Do not use in an improper way. In particular, do not climb or sit on it or rest heavy objects on it or any item for which the product has not been specifically designed. Do not lift / move the unit from the top. Do not place weights on the wing open.
Technical specs
Disegno tecnico