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With Outline, Giacomo Moor has created an elegantly functional, freestanding system of wooden cabinets and shelves contrasted with an iron support structure that can be placed against a wall or in the center of a space. The unusual round attachment recesses in the shelves and the cabinets break the linearity of the design and allow the components to be inserted by preference, easily sliding them in and out of place when rearranging.

The visual contrast between the dimensions of the cabinets and shelves, and the lightness of the structure, unites the contemporary visual impact with that of a handmade cabinet.


Giacomo Moor Interview


Cabinets and shelves in eucalyptus or dark stained walnut veneer.


Additional backrest in eucalyptus or dark stained walnut veneer.


Structure in painted satin nickel black steel.

Shelves and cabinets
Eucalyptus ES48

Eucalyptus wood is a valuable wood with a light brown colour and pinkish shades, but when exposed to smoking it changes its colour to dark brown/bronze. After being treated, it is a very durable and stable wood, ideal for furniture making.

Dark stained walnut ES59

Canaletto walnut has a medium tone with soft colour variations, making it one of the most popular woods in recent years. The dark colour shade enhances the value and elegance of the material.

Satin steel - black nickel painted MT05

Painted and Satined steel sheet with black nickel-effect protective coating.

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