Maestro table, Gianfranco Frattini - Acerbis Design
1997 – 2021

With the precision and vivid identity that Gianfranco Frattini imbued in his work, the Maestro table was designed to conjure function and perfection in living spaces.

Today, in the new 1.5×1.5 meters square version and in the 2,5, 3 and 3.5 meters rectangular version, it becomes grander in its scale for modern entertaining needs, and more dramatic in its material impact, with black ash wood and dark stained walnut making dark silhouettes of the long, cantilevered wings of the table and its linear play of cutouts that recalls traditional Japanese architecture.



Video by Lorenzo Gironi

A video directed by Lorenzo Gironi, shot entirely on film, in which seven products, integral part of the Acerbis’ heritage, reemerge under a new light. A game, a succession of unprecedented contaminations, suggestions, sounds, oppositions and unions.

Product plus

Inspired by Japanese manufacturing techniques and aesthetics, Maestro features a slatted wooden base.

New Bleached wood finish.

The special slatted design makes the base light

and varies according to the position of the observer.

Strong scenic impact due to the dimensions of 2.5, 3 and 3.5 metres.

Special inlaid and brushed open grain veneer.


The Maestro table is composed of a base made of solid wood, in three finishes: black ash, bleached ash and dark stained walnut, which emphasises and embellish the structure, the stand’s slatted design is synonymous with quality and authenticity. The top is made of 30 mm thick medium density wood fibre, with a special inlaid and brushed open grain veneer, in black ash, bleached ash or dark stained walnut finishes. These processes require a great manufacturing skill and a deep knowledge of wood.

Frame and top
Black ash ES58

Ash is a special veneer that is particularly suitable for "open-pore" painting because it always shows a very natural vein even after treatment.

Dark stained walnut ES59

Canaletto walnut has a medium tone with soft colour variations, making it one of the most popular woods in recent years. The dark colour shade enhances the value and elegance of the material.

Bleached ash ES62

Ash is a special veneer that is particularly suitable for "open-pore" painting because it always shows a very natural vein even after treatment.
The structure is made of solid ash stained in bleached finish.

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