In memory of Lodovico Acerbis 1939-2021 - Acerbis

In memory of Lodovico Acerbis 1939-2021

Published on 28.08.2021

Entrepreneur, designer, creative and writer.
Lodovico Acerbis was born in Bergamo in 1939. After graduating in Economics and Commerce, he joined the company founded by his grandfather in 1963, transforming it from a carpenter’s workshop into an industrial reality, which he managed until 2013.

His vision, to create furniture by applying the most advanced technologies, using the finest materials and collaborating with the most innovative designers, has brought the company to a leading position in the furniture sector. A mission that lives on today with MDF Italia.

"He could be defined as a designer who produces or a producer who designs." Abitare n.455, 2005

As Marco Romanelli wrote in 2005 in Abitare, his distinctive feature was his ability to play the role of entrepreneur and designer together, in a permeability of roles that he knew how to keep distinct and balanced.

  • 1 Lodovico and Marino Acerbis from the 1960s
  • 2 Lodovico Acerbis and Giotto Stoppino
  • 3 1983, Lodovico Acerbis with Vignelli and Stoppino, Stoppino Milan exhibition
  • 4 1983, Lodovico Acerbis with Vignelli, Stoppino Milan exhibition
  • 5 1984, Lodovico Acerbis with Carmi and De Lucchi, Morphos Milan exhibition
  • 6 1984, Lodovico Acerbis with Gianfranco Frattini, Morphos Milan exhibition

Some of his most significant creations on the Italian design scene have won numerous international awards.

  • 1 2007, Lodovico Acerbis exhibition
  • 2 2007, Lodovico Acerbis exhibition, historic product Freccia Rossa 1991
  • 3 2007, Lodovico Acerbis exhibition

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