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Villa Necchi Campiglio, an exceptional setting for the Remasters collection

Published on 11.04.2022

A landmark residence preserved in its original Rationalist state, the Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan represents a peak of early 20th century Italian style and of architect Piero Portaluppi’s talents, yet the palazzo transforms into a contemporary setting with Acerbis in the rooms.

The interiors, conceived nearly a century ago, are reinvigorated by Acerbis designs, imbuing the architecture with new relevancy — an intriguing twist on the uppercrust sumptuousness of the environs, which reveals the designs’ power to animate spaces with fresh life.

In turn, Villa Necchi Campiglio highlights the innate monumentality of the singular Acerbis designs — works whose elegance and ingenuity mark them as a focal point in any context.

The curves of Nanda Vigo’s Storet columnar chest of drawers becomes a sculpture; Lella and Massimo Vignelli’s Creso table echoes the classical inspiration of the hallway’s arch; their Serenissimo table mirrors the entranceway’s imposing structure offset by so much glass; and in the terrace sitting room, Roberto Monsani’s Life sofa and Giotto Stoppino’s Menhir tables invoke the grand lines of the space.

  • 1 Florian, Vico Magistretti 1989
  • 2 Florian, Vico Magistretti 1989
  • 3 Storet, Nanda Vigo 1994
  • 4 Life, Roberto Monsani 1975
  • 5 Menhir, Giotto Stoppino e Lodovico Acerbis 1983
  • 6 Serenissimo, Lella & Massimo Vignelli, David Law 1985
  • 7 Storet, Nanda Vigo 1994

Photo by Alberto Strada and Alessandro Oliva

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