Sinestesia - Acerbis


Published on 08.10.2020

Acerbis Presents Sinestesia, a Film by Lorenzo Gironi for the New Collection
Objects possess a life of their own — more than a mere unity of materials, every creation engenders a universe of emotions, history, and the ideas that produced it. Sinestesia, a new film by Lorenzo Gironi for Acerbis, conjures this secret life of objects with delicately rendered sensory perceptions, in which the impact of each design resonates well beyond the ostensibly static furniture before us.

Sinestesia evokes the soul of Acerbis designs, revealing unexpected but visceral accords between objects and the sensations of shapes, colours, and sounds — the metallic chime of pellets ricocheting off of ribbed felt; the inflated airiness of an impossibly ballooning jumpsuit; the linearly-squeezed rigor of an egg bursting through its slicer.


Drawn from the Acerbis archive, each of the designs has been reimagined for the contemporary era by Creative Directors Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces. In capturing the Acerbis pieces, Sinestesia presents the union of their pioneering conception, their enduring modernity, and the impact of the fresh colours, materials, and dimensions of each groundbreaking design.

Sinestesia was entirely shot in 16mm film, and produced manually without any filters or digital effects, to recount the decades-long roots of these visionary designs in the same abstract, intuited language of the pieces themselves, projecting a granular harmony between their past and our forward-looking moment. The creations — icons of their moment conceived by some of the greatest designers of the era — today become ciphers for the ideas and emotions of contemporary living.

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