Acerbis tables: a poetic dialogue between different materials. - Acerbis

Acerbis tables: a poetic dialogue between different materials.

Published on 14.12.2022

The beginning of the 1980s marked an expansion of Acerbis’ production offer, with products that were the result of advanced technical research, conscious use of colour and experimentation with materials.

From the well-established partnership between Giotto Stoppino and Lodovico Acerbis comes the Menhir table collection, whose base is inspired by Greek-style columns, today reproposed in the coffee table version.

In 1985, the collaboration with Lella and Massimo Vignelli gave rise to Serenissimo, a table that reinterprets the workmanship of the past according to new forms, while 1988 saw the birth of Creso, a table with graphic design-inspired lines that blend with the materiality of the surfaces.

The rediscovered relevance of wood is realised in Gianfranco Frattini’s Maestro table at the end of the 1990s, a table that combines design vision and know-how characterised by the fine crafting of the wooden slats that make up the base.

In the last few years, numerous designers have been asked to interpret Acerbis’ philosophy: Oscar and Gabriele Buratti signed Judd, a table system that combines the essentiality of form with the richness of materials, and Axis, an architecture rather than a table.
In 2014 Massimo Castagna created a table with an exceptional personality, Maxwell, which brings out the value of stone finishes.


The result is a collection of tables in the sign of aesthetic research, with a wide variety of materials and finishes that are suitable for all spaces in the home and beyond.

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